Greg Egan

Parole del 2015

Quando non gliene frega più nessuno, quando ogni cosa ha perso di senso, quando ci si è trovati al cospetto della morte, nudi e indifesi ancora una volta, come sempre, ora, senza nessun motivo, mi è venuta voglia di fare quel gioco della settimana delle classifiche. Senza classifiche. Senza regole. Senza niente.

Solo qualche libro che mi è passato per le mani e vale la pena di essere ricordato.
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The market as the best way

“The technology exists to give just about anyone -however sick, however old, however badly injured- a perfectly normal life. But it all costs money. Resources are limited. Even if doctors and medical technicians were compelled to provide their services, free of charge, to whoever demanded them… and ike I said, there are laws against slavery… well, someone, somehow, would still have to miss out. The present government sees the market as the best way of determining who that is.”

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As if this walk to my death is all that matters, now; as if these last few minutes of my life have superseded everything else.
They have, though, haven’t they? Everything else is past, is gone.
Yes – and so will this begone. If I am going to die, there’s no need to ‘make peace’ with myself, no reason to ‘compose myself for death’. The way I face extinction is just as fleeting, just as irrelevant, as the way I faced every other moment of my life.

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Some purists are never happy

I was wrong about one thing: I always thought the bullet would come from some anal-retentive cinephile, outraged by one of Zeitgeist’s ‘Sequels to the Celluloid Classics’. The software avatars we use as directors are always constructed with meticulous care, by psychologists and film historians committed to re-creating the true persona of the original auteur… but some purists are never happy, and there were death threats for more than a year after Hanna and Her Sisters II, in 3-D.

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‘Why?’ Eugene frowned. ‘Don’t ask me to account for my ations; you’re the ones who would have made me what I would have been. If you want my subjective opinion: prsonally, I can’t see any point in existence when I can achieve so much without it – but I wouldn’t call that an “explanation”; it’s merely a rationalisation of process best described at a neural level.’ He shrugged apologetically. ‘The question really has no meaning. Why anything? The laws of physics, and the boundary conditions of space-time. What more can I say?’

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