Werner Herzog

When it is all up

When it is all up with Germany, when human beings cease to exist, and ants and cockroaches have taken over, and subsequently algae in the oceans that have started boiling; when the earth is then extinguished and the universe goes dark, collapsing in on itself to nothing, it is possible that something abstract will remain behind, perhaps something akin to a state of happiness. But I have a deep fear inside me that what will fill the darkness and the space that no longer exists will be a form of stupidity. It does not need a particular place, it is everywhere. Happiness, at least, requires open space.

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Fata Morgana

Nell’età dell’oro, l’uomo e la donna vivono in armonia.
Ora, per esempio, sono ripresi dall’obiettivo della macchina da presa, tutti e due con la morte negli occhi, il sorriso sulle labbra e le mani protese verso la vita.
Il correre ha il potere di ritemprarli entrambi. Anche il sollevamento pesi è salutare. Addirittura balsamico sarà per loro il salto dal faro, nel nulla.

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